Three Junior Reciters Win Awards at the 5th Annual Text Recital Competition

Our students took part in the the 5th Annual Text Recital competition organized by the Committee to Promote Chinese Language Learning (CPCLL). The competition aims to raise students' Chinese reading proficiency, ignite their love for learning the language, and deepen their understanding behind the connotations, rhythm, and beauty of the Chinese language.

Our students presented themselves confidently and we are proud to share that three of our students, Teo Kai Xiang (3 Topaz) and Liu Yi Kai (6 Sapphire) won the Silver Award and Phua Zhi En Athan (5 Topaz) won the Bronze award in the competition!

This is Yi Kai’s second time participating in the competition. Yi Kai shared, “I felt very nervous initially but with my parents’ and friends’ encouragement, I gained more confidence. I am delighted to win the silver award for the competition!”

Heartiest congratulations to Kai Xiang, Yi Kai and Athan!