BRLC Celebrates!

This year, we had our first ever online Speech and Prize Giving event – BRLC Celebrates! To honour the spirit of celebration at a more personal level, we brought the celebration to MOE Kindergarten, Junior, Middle and Senior Primaries respectively over 3 days. Parents of prize winners were also invited to participate in this online event to celebrate with their child. Please go to /brlc-celebrates/ to view the programme.

Over the 3 days, we celebrated the students’ learning in their daily school experience as well as their milestone achievements.

“Today marks the end of the school Term and is also a significant milestone for our K2 children who have completed their preschool education. As they move on to Primary 1, we know that we have done our best to give them a strong start and wish them all the best in their future endeavours.” – Miss Candice Ee, K2 Teacher

“I was really excited during the prize giving in class. We clapped for our friends who were prize winners and we celebrated as a class.” – Vo Catherine Tu, P2

“I was very happy to see my photos being shared during BRLC Celebrates! I have some other nicer photos which I hope can be shared too.” – Selena Tanzil, P3, Media Kids CCA

“I enjoyed the video that reflected what we did this year, before the onset of COVID-19 and thereafter. I also appreciated the drama and dance performances put up by our P5 and P6 students.” – Nguyen Minh Dat, P4

There was no better way than to end the school year with such a big celebration. We congratulate all our children, from K1 to P6, for your resilience and positivity in this challenging year. We wish our children a happy school holiday!