SATS Food Tasting

On 7 Feb, some Primary 1 students and parents were invited to a 10-course food tasting session by SATS. They were treated to Baked Omelette with Veg Bolognese and Diced Ham, Egg Toufu and Macaroni, and Singapore Fried Bee Hoon and Fishball, just to name a few of the meals. For each meal, the students had to choose either “Yummy” or “No, thanks”.

The verdict? Baked Fish with Couscous received the highest ratings, and we were pleasantly surprised that the children indicated that they would like carrots to be added to their Corn Cup!

There was another interesting discovery. The parents had thought that the children would have chosen the Mini Pancakes with Jam over the Mini Pancakes with Banana Sauce, simply because the yellowish brown banana sauce did not look as appealing. However, our children had more discerning palates and the majority went for taste instead of colour.

Ms Alvina Chin, chair of the Parent Support Group, remarked, “SATS has improved a lot in terms of variety and taste since the beginning. Hats off to SATS for taking the effort to find out what children like.”

Mr Pareek, who has a child in Primary 2, added, “I like the fact that SATS does not compromise on nutrition and taste and is trying to find the right balance. As a parent, it puts me at ease that there are fresh and nutritious options, and even options for vegetarians.”

The data gathered from this food tasting session will be used by SATS in the planning of the Term 2 menu, so our children can continue to look forward to meals with great taste and attractive presentation!

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