MK@Blangah Rise K2 Transition Programme

“How many classrooms does the primary school have?

“What kind of CCAs are there?”

“How many subjects do we have to learn?”

These are some questions about primary school life that our curious K2 children posed to our Principal, Mr Francis Foo, and Vice-Principals, Mrs Leong-Ho Hil May and Mrs Liu-Ong Ai Sian. Our school leaders answered every question posed to them patiently. The Zoom interview session took place as part of the K2 Transition Programme that aims to ease and smoothen our K2 children’s transition to primary school.

Our K2 children also toured the primary school together with our Year Head for Junior Primary, Mdm Kimberly Koh. They were awed by the different classrooms, special rooms and spaces such as the Blooming Garden, basketball court, library, Science Labs and Art Rooms. “The Science room is beautiful!” commented Akarsh.

For three different days, our children went to the canteen to practise counting money to buy snacks, fruit cups and drinks. As SATS Catering provides recess meals for Blangah Rise Primary School students, our K2 children had the unique opportunity to order a snack from SATS catering and learn to use their SATS card to collect their purchase. Mikaela said without hesitation, “I like my Tangy Chicken Bar. I can eat one thousand of these!”

The children also had a taste of English, Music, P.E. and Art lessons in primary school which they attended together with their Primary 1 friends via Zoom. They listened intently and participated in the activities conducted by the primary school teachers, which showed their readiness to transit to learning in primary school.

All these experiences were documented in the children’s Transition Journal which allowed them to reflect on and capture precious moments of their transition experience. Thaddeus summarised, “I am excited to go to Primary 1. The classrooms are about the same size as my kindergarten class. I like the canteen because the food there is good. There are also different rooms in the school.”

We believe that our children will have fond memories of this period in MK and be ready for the next phase of their learning journey in primary school.

Buying food from the canteen
Music lesson with Primary 1 friends
Interview with Mr Foo
Thaddeus writing in his Transition Journal
Tour of the primary school