Interview session with Ms Nur Syahidah Alim

“Persevere in everything we do so that we can be better in life,” reflected 12-year old Christiano after meeting Ms Nur Syahidah Alim.

Ms Syahidah, Singapore’s world Number 1 para archer, met our student leaders on 20 January at the Singapore Sports Hub. The interview session was captured by our MediaKids which provided them with the opportunity to apply photography skills in authentic settings.

“I had a really tough childhood when I was in primary school and secondary school. I was bullied a lot because of my condition. I was not able to run or walk as fast as others, and because of that, my classmates looked down on me. I was exempted from PE and sports events. It was lonely. I tried to be brave…Archery has helped me to build my confidence. When you become more passionate in your sport and you are good at it, you become more confident,” said Ms Syahidah.

Through this session, our student leaders learnt from Ms Syahidah how it was important to be determined in achieving one’s goals and not let challenges stop us from doing what we love.

11-year old Aggie shared, “Meeting Ms Syahidah personally was truly an inspiring moment! She has taught me valuable lessons which I can apply in school and life.”

11-year old Jesslyn remembered Ms Syahidah’s encouragement to “Dare to Dream and Dream Big” and renewed her commitment to work hard to pursue her dreams.

We are grateful to be able to meet our very own world Number 1 para archer. Watch this space for more inspiring stories on our local athletes in the lead up to 2020 Olympics!