Active Lifestyle continues in a different form!

Active Lifestyle continues in a different form!

In view of the ongoing Covid-19 situation, we modified the annual Active Lifestyle Day. Instead of hosting a mass event on one day, we spread out the activities over a week and organised them at the class level. Through a series of activities, students were encouraged to develop and maintain an active and healthy lifestyle, which is all the more crucial during this period to build up our immunity.

Students began the week by participating in an intra-level poster competition using health-related themes of eating well and staying well. The students' posters were then put on display at the school canteen, where every student could vote for the best poster in each level.

To build better awareness of their diet and to develop healthier eating habits, Gavin from 5 Sapphire took part in the NKF “No Sugary Drink Challenge” and challenged himself not to drink sugary drinks. Arianna from 4 Sapphire said, “Using the food log, I wrote down what I ate every day and reviewed it for two weeks to make healthier food choices.”

Students also had the opportunity to participate in an indoor obstacle course, applying the fundamental movement skills taught in PE lessons.

To start them young, our Primary 1 students took part in a bento-making session organised by SATS. They were first introduced to the “My Healthy Plate”, then had an opportunity to be little chefs by preparing a Rainbow Bento for themselves. The session reinforced the importance of personal hygiene as the students practised washing of hands and wore gloves, an apron, a mask and a chef’s hat. “I learn to eat vegetables of different colours – green, orange and yellow. The food is so colourful!” said Katie from 1 Sapphire.

 Eeden from 1 Opal added, “I learn not to eat too much sauce and I like the smiley face my teacher put on my bento using the sauce.”

Our K1 and K2 children also participated in a workout at the class level conducted by PE teachers from the primary school. They were taught to stay active and participate in physical activity as this helps to boost their immune system and reduce their risk of falling sick. The children also learned about the importance of good nutrition such as eating more fruits and vegetables. To reinforce this message, the children enjoyed a fruit cup during their snack time.

Kadyon See Kai from K2 Integrity said, “I do some exercise and I sing our Singapore song. It was fun because I get myself healthy. I eat fruit cup and bread.”

At the end of the week, Aqeel Qushairy from 4 Sapphire said, “I learned to exercise regularly and eat healthily. Exercising is good for me and I like it. I also learn to stay safe from the coronavirus situation – I can exercise at home, try not to go out and eat healthily if possible.”