Children’s Day 2020

“You are loved, treasured and you represent our hopes and dreams. We celebrate your positivity and how well you have coped in order to keep learning safely during this COVID-19 period.”

This was taken from this year’s Children’s Day message by Ms Sun Xue Ling, Minister of State, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Social and Family Development. Indeed, we celebrate our children this year because despite the challenges faced this year, our children have overcome the odds and risen above the pandemic.

Amelia, our Primary 3 student, received a special mention in the Children’s Day message which was read out in primary schools. Before COVID-19, Amelia was not required to help with household chores and naturally did not know how to. However, during HBL, when she saw her mother, Mdm Parveen, busy with housework, Amelia offered to help. Amelia excitedly went on learning how to bake her favourite desserts such as vanilla cupcakes, egg pudding and banana walnut cake. She also had time to read up more about animals and was able to share about megalodon, an extinct species of shark, with her mother. Click here to read the full story on Schoolbag.

Our teachers and parents put up a special online concert which was filled with exciting games and memorable performances for our children. From the special magic show by our Kindergarten teachers to a very touching song dedication by our primary school teachers, as well as 16 dads from the Parent Support Group making their musical debut, our children enjoyed themselves thoroughly and we could hear the classrooms filled with hearty laughter.

The children also displayed resilience as they picked up a new skills through interesting activities such as puppet making, building a bristlebot and balloon sculpturing. Our parents also challenged our children to virtual games such as bottle flipping. No prizes for guessing who won!

Thank you, children, for bringing much joy and sunshine into our lives!

“Every child is a different kind of flower and altogether make this world a beautiful garden.” - Anonymous