P4 Discovery Camp

Among the hectic schedule of Term 1, including robotics lessons, and Modular CCA (House System) practices, the P4 Discovery Camp stood out as one of the most memorable events for our Primary 4 students. Through the 2 days of camp, flashes of smiles, laughter and team spirit were seen. The purpose of discovery camp was to honor our students' team spirit, and to celebrate the effort that they have put into learning in Term 1. The activities were designed to foster teamwork, teach life skills, and inspire new interests.

The highlight of the camp was surely Captain’s Ball, where students were highly energised as they competed against their classmates in teams. They learnt to trust and understand that teamwork and adjustments in strategies were necessary to win. Yuan Xiang shared excitedly, “Captain’s Ball was enjoyable! I hope we can play against more teams!”

Another focus on the camp was on communications skills. Using games, students learnt that listening patiently, questioning respectfully, expressing their needs courageously, and cooperating harmoniously are key to understanding each other. “It was a fun day. We learned some important skills about communication. I look forward to more mystery games and treasure hunt in future!” George shared.

The camp also unearthed some hidden talents of our Blangahnites. At the Boomwhackers Orchestra activity, students used tuned percussion tubes and synchronised with their friends to create a musical tune together. Students were intrigued by the novelty of the new experience and some showed musical talents in their quick grasp of a new musical instrument. Sophia shared, “I like the Boomwhackers activity as we get to synchronise and create a melody. I hope for more orchestra-like activities in future!”

Working and learning together as a family was an amazing experience for our dedicated teachers and curious students. Ultimately, it is such little moments of engaged and experiential learning that creates the fondest memories of our school life.