Our BRPS inaugural Floorball CCA session

The floorball stick has 2 parts – the shaft and the blade…

A group of students listened attentively as Coach Lavina gave an introduction to Floorball, which marked the start of our BRPS inaugural Floorball CCA session on 8 January 2020.

A sports similar to Hockey, Floorball promotes good psychomotor skills, quick reflexes and great teamwork among the players. Although many of the Blangahnites were new to Floorball, it definitely did not seem like it. They held the sticks firmly and worked their bodies during the games.

Coach Lavina was full of praise for them after the first session. “Unlike other students I have coached, who would usually dodge the ball in the first session, the students here run for the ball and move as a team as if they have played this sport for some time. They are so talented and have high energy and potential. I am so excited to be coaching them!”

The round-robin team competitions had everyone cheering. Alif, a Primary 4 student, who scored a goal, exclaimed in excitement and confidence, “I scored a goal! It’s my first goal. I am going to be an expert one day!”

Many of the students discovered their interest in Floorball in just that first session. Since this is a new CCA in the school, they voiced positively of their wish to train hard and play the sport competitively. As Wu Shiying, a Primary 6 student, sums up, “It is my first time playing Floorball and I enjoyed it very much. Everyone is so happy; even though we are playing against one another, we smiled and laughed together after that. This will be a good team to represent the school for Floorball competitions and together we can make the school proud.”



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