Preparing our MK Pre-schoolers through the K2 Transition Programme

In Term 2, our K2 pre-schoolers had an insight into what they can experience in Blangah Rise Primary school (BRPS). As part of the K2 Transition Programme, two unique BRPS programmes were introduced to the K2 pre-schoolers.

The first programme was Young Photographers where Ms Teresa Leong talked to our pre-schoolers about important tips to bear in mind when taking a photo. The MK pre-schoolers were very excited to apply the tips gleaned from this session. With an iPad in hand, they sought -out what they wanted to focus on in the school and MK garden.

The second programme our MK pre-schoolers experienced was Junior Reporters. Our pre-schoolers listened intently as Ms Chong Jie Shi explained to our pre-schoolers the special green screen effect used for the broadcasting. The pre-schoolers also took turns to try this out and were amazed when they saw the background change from green to the intended back drop. “Wow, see the background change!” exclaimed Shaheeda from K2 Integrity. This “wow” moment of magic for the pre-schoolers definitely left a lasting imprint in the minds of our kindergarten pre-schoolers.

Our primary school teachers also came into the MK classrooms to observe and understand how our MK students learn in class. Their observation of the MK Starlight and Hi-Light lessons impressed upon the teachers the notion of engaged and purposeful play through hands on activities. The teacher-made resources also inspired the primary school teachers to apply the same strategies in the primary school classroom. 

Such sessions, integrating learning across MK and primary school, be rolled out throughout the year to allow our MK pre-schoolers to better understand what they can expect when they go to Primary 1. With such preparation, our MK pre-schoolers will definitely have a smooth transition to primary schools!

Young Photographers 2
Young Photographer 3
IMG_Junior Resporters 1
IMG_Junior Reporters 2