Educational Career Guidance (ECG) Talk with Ms Thilaga Govindasamy

“Everything can be difficult. The work of a physiotherapist is difficult, just like how teaching can be hard for your teachers and studying can be hard for you. But I am a very determined person. We can learn to enjoy what we do.”

On 23 Sep, we had the privilege of having Ms Thilaga Govindasamy to share with our Primary 5 students her journey as a physiotherapist. Ms Thilaga has been practising physiotherapy for 28 years. The patients she has treated range from a newborn baby who was less than 1 hour old and her oldest patient who was 106 years old.

In sharing her journey, Ms Thilaga inspired us with her life example and words of encouragement. She shared how she persevered in her work and purposed to help others.

“I remember the first child I worked with. He was five years old and he hadn't walked. Within six months of working with him, he started walking. I was jumping and crying tears of joy. I realised that I can actually help improve the quality of people's lives!”

Despite being a successful professional, she was still open to new learning.

“I have many patients who are determined to get well and they teach me never to give up. They help me to improve in my practice and try new techniques, even after 28 years.”

Thank you, Ms Thilaga, for inspiring us to live a purpose driven life of serving, learning and growing.

Ms Thilaga