Good Neighbourliness Movement

Our Blangahnites are ready to celebrate good neighbourliness this National Day! The Good Neighbourliness Movement aims to encourage Singaporeans and residents to make that commitment to be a Good Neighbour, breaking down physical and social barriers between neighbours. Blangahnites were given the Good Neighbour’s kit earlier this week and were encouraged to tie the red ribbon in the kit on their doorknob or gate as a commitment to be a good neighbour. Victoria, a Primary 1 student, shared that after tying the ribbon, she greeted her neighbour, “Good Morning!” She also started putting in effort to get to know her neighbour more. Similarly, Jayden said, “I started saying ‘Hi’ to my neighbours and now we play with their cat regularly.” Jayden feels by being a good neighbour, he has found a new playing partner! Aswant said, “I went to help my neighbour carry his grocery bags as he was having difficulties carrying them.” One of the simplest yet most powerful expressions of a nation’s unity is indeed good neighbourliness. Together with our Blangahnites, let’s take concrete steps to be a good neighbour this National Day weekend. Together, A Stronger Community, A United Nation!