Children’s Day Celebration BRLC with Tanglin Trust School

Our partnership with Tanglin Trust School continues in spite of Covid-19. Unlike last year, where our friends from Tanglin Trust School visited us physically to celebrate Children’s Day together, this year, on 2 October, our kindergarten children connected with our friends from Tanglin Trust School virtually.

Photos and videos were compiled and exchanged for the children to see each other’s learning campus, the unique learning spaces and activities. Our children noticed the similarities and differences in our campuses. Our K2 child, Emma, noticed the details and exclaimed, “There is a hopscotch there in the Learning Centre!”

Our MK children shared a pre-recorded dance performance “On My Way”. Tanglin Trust School, which celebrates their 95th anniversary this year, also shared what “Connecting with your Community” means to them: “Give (time to others), Be Active (exercise), Keep Learning, Take Notice (of the things that surround you) and Connect (spend time with family and friends)”. Ms Paula Craige, Head of Infant School, read the story “No matter who you are, you’re always welcome” to teach the children about what community means.

Ms Angela Dawson, Deputy Head Teacher, wished our children “Happy Children’s Day”. She asked the children, “If your parents let you make all the decisions for one day, what would you do?” Ella said, “I would eat a lot of ice cream!” Rory added, “I will play games the whole day!”

We started a Pen Pal project, where each MK class was paired with another class in Tanglin Trust School. Our children wrote to their new friends and had many questions for them – What do you play at the playground? What is the tent in the corner used for? Why do you have plants in your classroom? Why type of food do you eat for lunch in school? Our teachers then emailed the questions to the Tanglin Trust School teachers. We also packed a few traditional local games, including five stones, chapteh and kuti kuti, to send to our pen pals.

What an exciting start to our BRLC-TTS Pen Pal friendship! We hope our children and teachers will continue to grow our friendship and learn from each other.