Every Child a Seed

The Primary 5 students participated in the “Every child a seed Programme” organised by NParks in the month of September. By growing their own plants, they learnt to understand and appreciate the challenges that come with gardening and growing their own plants. Not only did they experience the joy of seeing their plants grow, they also displayed the virtues of care, responsibility and resilience.

We are proud that Castaneda Rinely Mae Dauz from 5 Opal has won the 6th Best Decorated pot among all the submitted entries. Mae has a keen interest in drawing and music. For her decorated pot, she drew inspiration from her favourite things such as sunflowers and eggplants to create a visual representation of everyday life. She learnt her style of drawing and illustration from watching Pop Art videos on YouTube.

In her interview with NParks, Mae shared that she was initially disheartened when her seeds did not grow, but was delighted when her first seedling appeared two weeks later.

Well done, Mae!

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